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The World Mission Update

Jul 15, 2020

Clean Water - World Mission Update

Access to clean water is one of the greatest humanitarian needs in the world today. 1 out of 3 people in the world does not have access to clean drinking water. Some estimates say that every 21 seconds someone dies because of a lack of clean water. It is a huge need. It is a huge opportunity!

World Mission is active in drilling deepwater wells all around the world while also distributing water filters for needy communities. As we do, the motivation of our good deeds - the love of Jesus - is shared. It is amazing how God uses these simple acts of kindness to open a previously closed heart to the Good News.

Join Rusty Humphries and Greg Kelley as they share many examples of how God is using World Mission and their water division (Zoe Waters) to impact millions of people around the world. Zoe means LIFE. Let's bring life to a world that does not know the one who created and gave them life.

God Bless, Greg Greg Kelley CEO/Executive Director